Account Ledger: Set up account ledgers and account ledger budgets

Account ledgers can correspond to your organization's actual bank accounts and/or a student activity fund. Any transactions posted to the student ledgers can also be posted to an account ledger to reflect the deposit or withdrawal of funds in your actual bank account. You can create multiple account ledgers and designate one as the default. 

If desired, you can create one account budget for each account ledger and set up budget categories to track income and expenses. Before setting up an account budget, plan out what you want for income and expense categories. You can create as many budget income and expense categories as you wish. Start simple as you can always add more categories later.

What do you want to do?

  • Set up an account ledger
  • Set up an account ledger budget

Set up an account ledger

  1. On the Main Sections menu, click Finances, click Account Ledgers, and then click Set Up Account Ledgers.
  2. Enter your account ledger name and click Create Account.
TIP: If you have multiple ledgers, it is a good idea to name them accordingto where the money is going. For example,"Bank of Texas 123" or "Activity Fund".
  1. After creating your account ledgers, under the Set Default column, select one account as the default. You can change the default at any time.
  2. If you want to set up an account budget click the Activate Account Ledger Budgets check box and follow Set up account budget.

Now, when you enter a financial transaction for a student or chaperone, you have the option of posting the transaction to this, or any other account ledger you set up.

 Set up an account ledger budget

We recommend planning out your budget categories prior to creating them. You can create as many budget categories as you like and at any time. As soon as transactions are entered under a budget category, you cannot delete that category.

Prerequisite: Account ledger budgets must be activated to use budget categories. On the Setup Account Ledgers page (Finances > Account Ledgers > Setup Account Ledgers), click the Activate Account Ledger Budgets check box.

  1. On the Main Sections menu, click Finances, click Account Ledgers, and then click Account Budgets.
NOTE: If you do not see  Account Budgets under  Account Ledgers, you need to activate account ledger budgets.  See the prerequisite above.
  1. In the top right corner, select your Account Ledger from the drop-down list.
  2. Next to Would you like to create budgets for your account?, click Create.

NOTE: Charms provides you with a sample income and expense category. You can change the names to fit your needs, just click 


. If you do not want to use them, click 



  1. In the Add Budget Categories section, for Budget Category Name, type your category name.
  2. Enter a sequence number.
NOTE: Sequence is a sorting number you create, similar to chart of accounts number in accounting programs. This can be any number from 0 to 99999, we suggest leaving room between sequential categories for future additions.
  1. In the Budget Type drop-down list, select Income or Expense.
  2. Click 



  3. Add additional budget categories as needed.
TIP: We suggest making both income and expense categories for items such as fundraisers where students are turning in money and you pay a supplier for goods or services.
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